Velika Certos TX vučena kompaktna tanjurača

Certos-2TX j idealan za intenzivnu obradu i obradu srednje radne dubine. Sa diskovima prečnika 660 mm, Certos-2TX omogućava radne dubine do 20 cm i ostvaruje intenzivno miješanje biljne mase i na teškim tlima. Zahvaljujući aplikacijama širokog ranga, Certos-2TX radnog zahvata od 4 m do 7 m je snažan za sve farme.


+ Maintenance-free disc bearings with slide seals and life-long lubrication
+ Maintenance-free stone safety protection via rubber sprung buffer blocks
+ Individual disc suspension for optimised contour following and excellent through passage
+ The hydraulic top brace counteracts the diagonal pull and makes possible operation on slopes
+ Intensive mixing, incorporation and a high through passage capacity for large amounts of plant residues
+ The centre running gear provides the machine with a high manoeuvrability and output
+ The large spacing between discs and following roller gives the optimum mixing
+ Hydraulic depth adjustment with scale showing the working depth
+ The GreenDrill seeder box can be specified as an option
+ An optional Crushboard for seedbed preparation is available

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