AD-P 01 Special pack top seed drill

With this pneumatic sowing combination, AMAZONE offers the ideal solution for combining soil tillage and sowing. Via the combination of the new generation of active soil tillage tools, such as the KE rotary harrow or KG and KX rotary cultivators and the AD-P 01 harrow-mounted pneumatic seed drill, the best pre-conditions for successful crop establishment are created.


+ Large, central and compact seed hopper with a hopper volume up to 1,500 l – for high work rates
+ High comfort and short set-up times thanks to excellent access to the metering unit
+ The electric metering drive provides precise metering and easy calibration
+ Different metering cassettes included for a wide variety of differing seed types and seed rates
+ High seed savings via electric half-side switching of the segmented distributor head
+ Easy realisation of asymmetrical tramlining rhythms thanks to the segmented distributor head
+ Compatible with the latest KE/KX/KG 01 soil tillage generation
+ Optional, comfortable and stepless coulter pressure adjustment from the tractor cab with easily-to-read display

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