AD-P Special Pack Top seed drill

The AD-P Special 850 pneumatic pack top ,seed drill, with its compact design, in 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0 m working width, has been developed for use on medium sized farms. The seed hopper capacity is 850 l and can be increased with an extension to 1,100 l.

Designed especially for farms which are increasing in acreage and still looking for the advantages of a PTO-driven combination but with a higher output, the AD-P Special 1250 in 3 m, 3.5 m or 4 m working width with its 1,250 l seed hopper offers the right solution. With the aid of an extension the 1,250 litre AD-P Special can be upgraded to 1,500 l.

The AD-P Special can also be mounted on to rotary harrows from other manufacturers, provided these harrows have sufficiently robust troughs to be able to safely carry the large seed hopper of the AD-P Special.


Benefits of AMAZONE sowing combinations.

• Large, centralised seed hopper, compact design, high work rates and short set-up times
• Due to the precise metering and simple adjustment, the electric metering drive capable of handling a large variety of seeds and seed rates offers even more comfort
• Little residual amounts, even in sloping terrain
• Optimised seed distribution and simple monitoring due to the external translucent distributor head
• Accurate seed placement through RoTeC Control coulters or WS suffolk coulters at high forward speeds
• Equippment with the most modern ISOBUS terminals and control via GPS-Switch is possible

The benefits of the AD-P Special

• Compact design
• Large, centralised seed hopper
• Low lifting power requirement
• Quick and easy filling and emptying
• Mounting to a soil tillage implement from other manufacturers is possible

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