AD-P Super pack top seed drill

The AD-P Super pneumatic pack top seed drill, in working widths of 3 m and 4 m, is absolutely ideal for farm sizes of between 200 and 500 hectares or for agricultural contractors.


Benefits of AMAZONE sowing combinations.

• Large, centralised seed hopper, compact design, high work rates and short set-up times
• Due to the precise metering and simple adjustment, the electric metering drive capable of handling a large variety of seeds and seed rates offers even more comfort
• Little residual amounts, even in sloping terrain
• Optimised seed distribution and simple monitoring due to the external translucent distributor head
• Accurate seed placement through RoTeC Control coulters or WS suffolk coulters at high forward speeds
• Equippment with the most modern ISOBUS terminals and control via GPS-Switch is possible

Benefits with an AD-P Super

– Work rates of more than 3 ha/h from a working width of just 3 m
– Very large seed hopper
– High Forward speeds
– Unrestricted flexibility following the plough or when mulch sowing
– Compact design – optimised lift capacity requirement
– Up to 55 kg coulter pressure on the RoTeC pro coulter

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