Cataya conventional seed drill combination

Combined with a KE 01 rotary harrow or KX and KG 01 rotary cultivators, the Cataya conventional gravity,  harrow-mounted seed drill offers professional farms the ideal machine for mulch sowing or working after the plough. The Cataya is available as either the Special or Super in a working width of 3 m. The Cataya Special has a seed hopper capacity of 650 l and can, thanks to a hopper extension, be increased to 850 l whereas the Cataya Super comes with a seed hopper volume of 830 l which can be increased to 1,270 l.


+ Maximum efficiency and quick, time-saving filling due to the large seed hopper (830 l/1,270 l)
+ Central and comfortable adjustment of the machine via the SmartCenter, calibration at the press of a button
+ New Precis metering system, for the exact metering and simple conversion from fine to normal seed with the aid of the shutter slide
+ Minimised residues thanks to the integrated discharge funnels – simple residual emptying and quick cleaning
+ Quick change of the track width and tramline width via the layshafts
+ Central setting of the sowing depth on the TwinTeC double disc coulter
+ Wear resistant and self-cleaning Control 10 depth guidance discs and Control 25 depth guidance rollers for setting the sowing depth on the RoTeC Control single disc coulter
+ Optional, comfortable and stepless coulter pressure adjustment from the tractor cab with easily-visible scales

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