D9 mounted seed drill

D9 mounted seed drills can be used as a solo machine or in combination with all soil tillage implements for either conventional or mulch sowing. With this in mind, these seed drills can be equipped, from choice, with either WS suffolk coulters or with RoTeC Control disc coulters.
The D9 Special, in working widths of 2.5 and 3 m, is designed for small to medium sized farms. This favourably priced entry level range offers the smaller farm, or part-time farmer, the possibility to enjoy using AMAZONE quality. That means: No compromise on metering accuracy and seed embedment. Seed box sizes from 450 l up to a maximum of 850 l with a 400 l extension on the 3 m D9 Special.
The D9 Super in working widths of 3, 3.5 and 4 m is designed for the medium to larger sized farm. In conjunction with a coupling frame, the D9 Super is available even with working widths of 9 and 12 m.
On the D9 Super, with a 3 m working width, the robust design enables the seed box to be increased using extensions from 600 l to 1,000 l.


The AMAZONE “Liftpack” system enables the combination of a D9 Super or D9 Special with an AMAZONE KE rotary harrow and KG rotary cultivator in conjunction with the AMAZONE roller programme.
In this way seedbed preparation and sowing is done in one operational pass.With a few quick release catches, the D9 can be uncoupled for solo operation.
To reduce the lifting power requirement and to increase the ground clearance underneath the coulters during transport and when turning, the seed drill is raised upwards and forwards by the AMAZONE “Liftpack” system.
Additionally available: coupling parts for the D9 to enable the rigid mounting to a soil tillage implement.

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