Front tank system for UF mounted field prayers

Via the FT front tank, the tank volume of the UF mounted sprayer can be very simply increased by 1,000 l. Thanks to the optional FlowControl System and the compact design the UF front tank is the ideal solution for increasing the overall capacity of the UF.


• FlowControl intelligent fill level management – for optimum weight distribution
• Improved driving stability on slopes due to the intelligent loading of the front axle
• Very compact design thanks to front linkage – better manoeuvrability in the field and for a safer road transport.

The special advantages offered of more manoeuvrable tractors with a mounted implement compared with trailed sprayers in smaller and more awkward shaped fields as well as the better behaviour on slopes are the major arguments for the front tank solution. However, even in the 3,000 litre self-propelled class a
comfortable tractor in combination with a high-class mounted sprayer and front tank is an interesting alternative.

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