UX 11200 trailed field sprayer

The UX 11200 trailed sprayer, with its enormous tank volume of 11,200 litres, can cope easily with the high pressure to cover the acres. With the Super-L2 sprayer boom, in working widths from 24 to 40 m and its triple pump system, with a fill capacity of 900 l/min, it is perfectly suited both for enterprises with large field sizes and also for crops with particularly high application rates.


• Huge tank volume, actual capacity 12,000 litres for maximum efficiency
• Tank design with a favourable centre of gravity for optimised in-field and on-road behaviour and giving a quick interior cleaning
• Single-Trail running gear or, as an option, the fully automatic DoubleTrail axle steering from choice•
• Hydro-pneumatic, tank fill level controlled axle suspension – for comfortable and safe travel on the road
• Optional traction assistance for up to 30% more support load on the tractor rear axle
• Sprayer booms from 24 to 40 m in super-light, super-strong and super-compact profile design
• Parallelogram suspension of the multi-shock damped boom
• AmaSwitch or AmaSelect individual nozzle switching as option – for a 50 cm part-width section control
• Triple pump system with efficient, maintenance-friendly and self-priming piston diaphragm pumps which can be run dry
• Standard with Comfort-Pack for automatic filling, cleaning and switchover procedures
• Protected and centralised hose and cable routing

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