XTender and XTender-T mounted rear tank

With the Xtender mounted hopper and the Xtender-T trailed hopper, AMAZONE offers two flexible and efficient solutions for the simultaneous application of fertiliser and/or seed during soil tillage in just one operational pass. Thanks to the divided 4,200 l hopper, high acreage outputs are ensured.


+ Twin tank system for the simultaneous application of fertiliser and/or seed in one pass alongside the soil tillage operation
+ High efficiency from the 4,200 l hopper capacity
+ Convenient access via the ladder and loading board
+ The large hopper opening ensures an easy and quick filling procedure
+ Permissible for tractor capacities of up to 600 HP
+ Permissible for all trailed Cenius mulch cultivators, Certos heavy compact disc harrows and trailed Catros compact disc harrows (in up to 9 m working widths)
+ Operation with implements from other manufacturers is possible

Additional benefits of the XTender-T
+ Ideal for tractors without a three-point linkage or with low lift capacity
+ The running gear allows a support load of up to 4,000 kg
+ Also suitable for operation in conjunction with the Catros+ 12003-2TS compact disc harrow

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