AS 5M43

FAO 580


  • AS 5M43 Belongs to the latest generation of AS genetics. Very high yield potential if full agro technology is deployed.
  • Each plant has one ear. Ears are uniform regardless of plant position on the field. Kernels are large, deeply embedded in thin corncob (13%) with 16 to 18 rows. Thin corncob and loose husk means that  kernels are free to release moisture easily.
  • Ear uniformity, no barren plants, large kernels, and thin corncob are secrets of this hybrid‘s high potential. Early flowering makes it possible to avoid high summer temperatures during polination.
  • High stalk, medium positioned ear. AS 5B23, the hybrid has very solid resistance towards the corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis) and also the ear diseases.


  • Adaptable to different conditions, but primarily intended for good soil quality and high level of agro technology.
  • Recommended sowing density in favorable conditions is 21 to 22 cm in row, or 65 000 to 71 000 plants per hectare. Density should be adjusted on lower quality soils.


The recommended sowing density in poorer conditions is from 63.000 to 66.000 plants/ha, in optimal conditions from 67.000 to 71.000 plants/ha and under irrigation conditions from 72.000 to 75.000 plants/ha.