AS 72

FAO 640


  • The hybrid has a shorter, firm stalk with very strong roots.
  • The leaves are dark green and unusually wide.
  • The ears are low inserted and very large with 18-20 rows of kernels (often even more).
  • An adaptable hybrid without barren plants that has proven its quality over the years even in the most difficult conditions.
  • Picking is easy and clean and performed by pickers.
  • It can significantly increase the size of the ear in low plant population!


  • Due to its adaptability, it can be grown in wide variety of regions.
  • Performs maximum grain yields on good soils and with the use of intensive agricultural technology.
  • The sowing density is from 59.000 to 64.000 plants/ha (on 22-24 cm in a row).
  • In arid regions and on sandy soils sow less (on 26-27 cm in a row), with the use of good agricultural technology.


The recommended sowing density in poorer conditions is from 54.000 to 57.000 plants/ha, in optimal conditions from 59.000 to 65.000 plants/ha and under irrigation conditions is 68.000 plants/ha.