Corn is one of the most important crops. For successful production, important is the proper choice of hybrid for sowing. As there is a large number of hybrids on the market, manufacturers will certainly need expert assistance in correctly selecting good hybrids, which we will try to provide in the following text.

When selecting hybrids, the following parameters should be taken into account:

  • What is the hybrid adjustment to our climatic conditions and conditions of production?
  • What is the quality of the seed?
  • What is the purpose of production?

What is the hybrid adjustment to our climatic conditions and conditions of production?

Our region has excellent natural and technical-technological conditions for the production of corn seed. In addition, the processing and packaging of seeds is carried out in one of the most modern seed processing centers in Southeast Europe, leading the best technologists with multi-annual experience. The best evidence of hybrid quality and seed is that AS hybrids are grown in 22 countries around the world.

What is the purpose of production?

If corn is grown for silage and/or biogas, select special leafy silage hybrids. In addition to high yields of green biomass and silage, these special hybrids provide you with high yields of milk or biogas per unit of production.

For the harvesting of kernels

Hybrid registrated in EU

For the harvesting of ears

Great for feeding pigs

Great for feeding cows

For the production of biogas

AS hybrid of corn  is a hybrid of extraordinary quality seeds and proven to be high yields in previous production years. For each hybrid there are given and recommended sowing density, but do not forget to adapt them to your conditions, needs and production fields. In that sense, we have divided our new hybrids into three large groups:

  • FlexMax hybrids – FLEX type of ear. Hybrids that can well extend the ear at lower densities and thus compensate for possible loss for any reason.
  • ProfyMax – FIX type of ear. Hybrids that do not have the possibility of significant extension of the ear in smaller plant populations and they have to grow at higher densities to achieve record yields.
  • LeafyMax – leafy hybrids. Hybrids of special purpose for silage. Hybrids that have high plants with a large number of leaves above the ear.

AS hybrids do not have barren plants even in the most difficult production conditions. Each plant always gives at least one normally developed ear, and for ProfyMax hybrids at lower densities or better years it is often with two ears!

Choose what is needed for you and what is safe – AS HYBRIDS!