Corn headers

6, 8, 12 AND 16 ROWS


Case IH 4400 series corn headers offer excellent picking ability in both standing and down corn, increasing grain savings in all circumstance. What’s more, they offer unrivalled ease of servicing to ensure they are ready for work in no time at all, and perform in all harvesting conditions. The dividers are key to pick up layed crop or seperate tangled corn plants. They have a considerable influence on the result of the harvest. The narrow, smooth profile and the flatter angle of 4400 series dividers guarantees the picking-up of corn plants with minimal cob losses. An optional layed crop spiral auger insures that all corn is captured at the end of the header, for reduced cob loss in tall or down corn harvest conditions. The result is productivity as never before. The first principle of 4400 header series design was to maximise grain savings. Industry-exclusive unique corn retention louvres channel loose kernels into the auger, so that nothing falls back onto the field.




The 4400 corn headers are designed to handle increasing corn yields and tougher corn plants. With the increased productivity of the Axial-Flow® combines, the double roller chains run in an oil bath, to operate the row units in 8 and 12 and 16 row corn headers. It gives them the ability to handle the toughest and heaviest crop conditions at the maximum reliabilty. The row unit gearboxes themselves are a heavy-duty design, with the main gear box housing made from aluminum for reduced header weight. All row units are slip clutch protected and run in an oil bath for quiet running and high reliability.


A perfect chop is essential with corn stalks, speeding up and enhancing their decomposition and preventing stalk borer pests from overwintering in the crop. With the 4400 header the corn plants are pulled down by high speed stalk rollers fitted with hardened knives, to ensure a proper grip on the plant to prevent the straw from entering the combine. Optional stalk choppers are available for each row, chopping the stubble close to ground, and to chop the straw pulled down by the rollers. The chopped straw is spread evenly over the rows for fast decomposition. The choppers can be engaged or disengaged separately for every row when the header is used in very stony conditions.


Simplicity is key when it comes to servicing. On 4400 series headers the row unit dividers can easily be opened one handed, with gas struts providing assistance. Every header also comes with a spring tension release tool for removing the gathering chain. To move quickly from one field to another without leaving the comfort of the cab, both six- and eight-row headers are available in a foldable configuration.