Standard Maxxum models may be the entry level tractors in the range, but they are equipped with a specification that’s comprehensive by any measure, with just the right level of technology to meet modern-day demands. They benefit from the ActiveDrive 4 transmission with 16F/16R 40 km/h four-speed powershift.


Whether you’re a farmer or a contractor, we know you take pride in what you do and how your business appears to others. That’s why we’ve made Maxxum the most stylish mid-rangers we’ve ever produced, while ensuring they remain easy to operate and maintain. These are tractors you’ll be proud to own, proud to operate.




Case IH knows: a comfortable operator is a productive operator, and that’s why we’ve put even more focus on driver features in these latest Maxxum models. From an upgraded front axle suspension system to an enhanced range of seating options, Maxxum tractors are designed to ensure the operator remains comfortable hour after hour, day after day, regardless the task or terrain.


If you’ve operated a Maxxum before, you’ll know how intuitive its controls are; if you haven’t, take a seat and find out! These are tractors designed by people who understand tractors – people who understand farming. Whether your requirement is for a machine with standard specification or one with the most advanced technology package, there is a level of Maxxum to suit, each as simple to operate as the others.


Early starts and late finishes are part and parcel of farming. That’s why Case IH gives you yet more lighting power with the latest generation Maxxum tractors. New front working lighst and roof styling incorporates a full 360-degree lighting package to ensure you can see not just what’s ahead of you and how things are performing to the rear, but out to the extremities of your implement as well.


Capable of cutting any task down to size, at the heart of every Maxxum tractor lies one of the industry’s most modern, most frugal and most productive engines. With Case IH, there’s no question of seeking outside sources of power – our engines come from our sister firm FPT Industrial, producer of some of the most respected powerplants in the business. From the four-cylinder 116 hp Maxxum 115 to the six-cylinder 145 hp Maxxum 150 (rated powers), all feature FPT engines, with four-cylinder 4.5 litre units in all models bar the flagship six-cylinder 6.7 litre Maxxum 150.


These entry-level machines benefit from a 16F/16R 40 km/h 4-speed powershift transmission. A creep speed option doubles this number to 32F/32R. So if a simple 4-speed-powershift is sufficient to meet the needs of a particular business, then with a Maxxum that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to skimp on specification.


Maxxum models are quipped with up to 4 mechanical rear remote valves. A fixed displacement pump delivers up to 80l/min of oil flow, whilst a high capacity, pressure flow compensating, variable displacement piston pump is optional on Maxxum models and delivers up to 113l/min. With a lift capacity of up to 7,115 kg (on tractors with an 80 l/min hydraulic pump) or 7,864 kg (on tractors with a 113 l/min pump), Maxxum models are more than capable of handling what’s hitched up to them, whilst a 2,800 kg (80l/min) or 3,100 kg (113 l/min) front linkage is optional. Electronic Hitch Control is standard on all Maxxums, with full electronic draft control sensing and Hitch Ride Control.


The suspended front axle provides a more comfortable ride, increases traction and boosts fuel efficiency. On Maxxum models the addition of a second accumulator provides greater comfort both in the field and on the road, plus improved traction on the land. A compact design gives Maxxum tractors a turning circle of just 4.6 m. The dynamic fender turn to 30° that allows full usage of the wide steering angle.


Case IH Maxxum tractors are available loader-ready from the factory and designed to operate as a system with four Case IH loader models – LRZ 100, LRZ 120, LRZ 130 and LRZ 150. In addition, to make sure you get the most productive loader work from your Maxxum, there’s a wide range of buckets and tools. That way you can easily select the perfect tool or attachment, no matter what you need to get done.