The forage factory together with production silos, dryers and trading location is situated in Virje. The foundation originates from 1993. called Tvornica stočne hrane Virje by opening of dryers,  installing the machines for pelleting of forage and opening of new trading location. Company Agronom d.o.o., headed by its founder Mr Darko Aracic,,  takes over the factory in 2013. and with increased capacity, expands the product line of new products. Agronom brend of forage is fully represented in all livestock production, including retail sites within Agronom d.o.o. We are very proud of the production of our own forage products, which we produce from our own raw field resources along with long-term subcontractors. We cooperate with one of the world’s leading companies Schaumann, in the production of premixes and fodder food in the top quality recipes.

 In order to achieve high quality, raw material control is regularly carried out. Permanent expert supervision of production, reception and storage is carried out in specialized laboratories, guaranteeing constant high quality of finished flour and pelletized fodder for all types and age categories of animals, optimization of recipes for complete and complementary fodder mixtures. Along with modern equipment and a team of top experts, the preparation and delivery of animal feed to the specific needs of each breeder is ensured. Control of finished products is performed by the Veterinarian Institute of Križevci.

In 2016. 1.800.000 kg of forage was produced, which is mostly sold to our own retail outlets from eastern, central and western Croatia. We are proud of the production of 20 different kinds of forage mixtures for pigs, calves, mixes for dairy cows, poultry and other animals.


Starting and supplementary feed mixtures for fattening chickens (PPT-1, PPT-1-DO)

• Allow maximum average gain and top quality meat
• Provide all the needs for protein, vitamins, minerals and energy
• Choosen high-quality raw materials ensures a balanced ratio of nutrients and proteins

Starting and supplementary feed mixtures for hens (PN, PN-DO)

• Balanced nutrition ratio ensures excellent digestibility, high unevenness and good stability
• Positive effect on overall health of chickens and reduction of mortality
• Well-chosen calcium sources guarantee good shear strength

Starting feed mixtures for turkeys (PPu-0)

• Allow maximum average daily intake and top quality meat
• Choosing high-quality raw materials ensures a balanced ratio of nutrients and proteins
• Provide all the needs for protein, vitamins, minerals and energy


Starting and supplementary feed mixture for piglets (SO-0,SO-1, SUPERIOR PIGO)

• Fully meet the needs of piglets for nutrients
• Optimally balanced amounts of protein, amino acids and nutrients provide high average gains and positively affect the health and resistance of piglets
• Significantly reduces the number of deaths

Complete and supplementary feed mixture for pigs (ST-1, ST-DO)

• Low consumption of food per kilogram of food
• Optimal nutritionally balanced feed mixtures that positively affect the health of pigs
• Significantly affect digestive problems

Complete feed mixture for sows and pigs (SK-D-N)

• Positive impact on fertility and extension of the productive life of breeding sows
• Guarantees high milk and good consumption
• Enable optimal nutrient intake


Complete and supplementary feed mixures for calves and dairy cows (GT-1, GJKM-DO)

  • A combination of the highest quality raw materials and additives
  • Excellent digestibility and high average gain
  • Balanced protein and energy proportions positively affect the health and fertility of animals


Complete fodder mixures for rabbits (KU-2)

– is used for rabbit meat and feed after being refused in dry state with sufficient fresh water

Complete fodder mixures for lambs (OJ-0)

– used in dry state for feeding of early lambs with a sufficient amount of fresh water

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