OPG Igor Vlahović – 7.11.2018.

„We have been farming for many years and we needed a medium-sized tractor. We approached our long-term partner, Agronom, and decided to buy a Case IH Maxxum 150 tractor. We are satisfied with the selection, because with simple management and maintenance, and low consumption, we can easily carry out all agricultural work on our 180 ha of land. We will continue to work with Agronom because they have been a reliable partner for years. ”

Bertić obrt za poljoprivredu i usluge – 20.02.2019.

„I bought Amazone sprayer UX 3200 in 2009.; until now, it has sprayed round about 11.000ha of my land. What I can say is that it’s worth every penny!

With UX sprayer I give the best protection to my crops, but I would like to point out a few things: spraying speed is up to 14km/h, the booms superbly copy the terrain, and after so many years and the spraying work, the sprayer looks almost like new, Because of the increase in the volume of my work I ordered a new Amazone sprayer UX 4200 Super, which arrives by the end of April.“

PZ Sekice- 15.10.2019.

Maxxum 145 Multicontroller proved to be very easy to operate, no fatigue even after 12 or 15 hours spent in the tractor, leaving much more rest than from other tractors. I took it primarily for interrow cultivation, sowing, spraying, fertilizering, slightly less for transportation. So far, the tractor has been shown to have extremely low fuel consumption, the transmission when in automatic mode reduces rpm and really works fantastic. Decision to buy Case IH tractor  turned out to be a good decision. ”