LINHAI is the first manufacturer to produce ATV(All Terrain Vehicles) with self-developed water-cooling ECU engine in China. All the vehicles own low fuel consumption, low contamination, safe driving system , convenient control system, both front and rear independent suspension, and comfortable driving experience. All vehicles acquired the EPA/EEC certifications. They can be driven on the snow road, swamps, desert, and many other bad conditions road. They can be used in army equipment, forest patrol, field exploration, leisure and recreation.

Holiday! Outdoor! Time for enjoy. Choosing the way so easy now, Linhai ATV! Yes, it’s Linhai Time.
The ATVs offered by Linhai can drive in extreme conditions of any off-road, without reducing the speed and the pressure even after several hours of active use.
In addition, each model can be protected from shock and damage to the engine even on the most impassable stretches of the route.
Whether you want to enjoy feeling of speed, independence or freedom, Linhai should have an ATV to meet your demand.