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Özdöken Model ACM series is suitable for hoeing between the plants sown in rows such as cotton, sugar beets, sunflower, sugar or water melons and mowing the weeds.

Model Broj redova Razmak između redova (cm) Težina sa spremnikom za gnojivo (kg) Težina bez spremnika za gnojivo (kg) Dužina(a) (cm) Ukupna širina (c) (cm) Ukupna visina (b) (cm) Potrebna snaga
ACM – 3 2 45-70 480 420 230 300 100 35-40 hp 26-30 kw
ACM – 4 3 535 480 300 40-45 hp 30-34 kw
ACM – 7 6 855 760 300-420 60-70 hp 45-52 kw

Units Which Can Be Adjusted Between 45 and 75 cm.

The units can be easily adjusted to 45-75 cm by means of length table according to various plant types.

Spring Loaded Stabilizing Disc

In conjunction with loose tractor check chains the Model ACM is ensured of following the correct course even on undulating and sloping land whilst still maintaining a high working speed.

Depth Adjustment Wheel

Thanks to the independent and adjustable wheels, Dept control can be made easily

Optional Fertilizer Box

When requested, “V” type fertilizer hopper can be attached on the machine.

Vibrating S Tines

The spring legs are supplied from europe manufacturer, it never prevents the plant development as it does not compress the subsoil.

Rear Roller

Thanks to the rollers attached in its rear, it provides harrowing and smoothing the soil.

Star Disks

To protect the saplings from the clods and spring legs, it is of star-type disks.

Optional Throttle Filling Leg

It fills the necks of the plants especially corn, sunflowers perfectly..