The ideal solution for every machine. Case IH Parts network offers you an extensive range of solutions to enhance your productivity in the field and control your maintenance costs throughout the lifecycle of your machines. Whatever the age or model, you can count on top-level quality parts designed especially for your Case IH machine, with an attentive service thanks to expert technicians who know your machines and listen to your needs.
You should always expect the best operational performance from your machine, in the safest conditions. There’s no better way of achieving this goal than by fitting original replacement parts, built specifically for your machine, meeting stringent quality guidelines and tested to the limit, offering reliability and durability at outstanding value for money.

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Genuine Parts


FARMING SAFELY with a high-charged and dependable battery.


Case IH Belts are superior to standard belts supplied on the aftermarket, thanks to an original design from our engineering teams meeting the standards of each machine type and assuring you the highest performances.


Bearings are links between your machine moving parts, allowing it to fulfill each one of its functions. It is essential to minimize frictions between moving parts, improving overall efficiency, reliability, durability and performance.


Air purity is crucial for your engine to always render its maximum performances on the field and to provide you the highest standard of comfort in the cabin.


Case IH genuine Fuel Filters are designed to protect and enhance the performance of your injection system. Specially adapted to your engine, the filters remove the tiniest particle to ensure that your fuel keeps circulating and stays clean longer.


While you are out in the fields at night, optimum visibility is key to boost your productivity and to keep you safe. Genuine Case IH lights and bulbs are the only one to guarantee you a perfect lighting and visibility at all time.


Whether to protect your cab or to improve your comfort while working behind the wheels, Case IH seat covers and floor mats will always suit your needs and fit your machine.


Case IH original Blu Pumps are the best solution for the fuel management of your machine. Only the original will fit all your machines, ensuring you safety, performance and reliability.


Always by your side – ​At Case IH we know how crucial timing is when talking about farming. To limit your downtime and guarantee maximum performance, we continue to invest in a growing network of spare parts warehouses and logistic services; so we can deliver only the highest quality of spare parts and logistic to you and your machines.

Always one step ahead

Harvest is the culminating moment of the agricultural year. It is the fruit of months of hard work and preparation for both you and your partners at Case IH.
For you to be as productive as possible with minimum downtime, planning is essential. And at Case IH, stocking all the necessary harvesting parts begins as early as September, as soon the previous grain harvest is over.

Go further with Maxservice

Connect with the Case IH SERVICE TEAM 24/7 through a dedicated helpline to have exactly what you need and the fastest repairing for your machine.
With MAXSERVICE, you will never be alone.