The new Profi models now feature a 8-speed Powershift transmission with 24 x 24 gears, and are equipped with a Multicontroller armrest.


Efficiency and versatility with a fresh design look: Our new Profi series is impressive in field work and in the farmyard, and is equally capable of tackling industrial and forestry work. With the Profi in the horsepower category of 116-145 hp, a wide selection is available for you, with either 4 or 6-cylinder engines. Optimum variety combined here in a single series. The Profi models are equipped with more electronics, greater comfort and with the tried and tested Multicontroller armrest.


With the Comfort cab, the Profi series turns long operations into a pleasure. Regardless of the type of terrain and the kind of ground the Profi is driving across, the cab always provides optimum ride comfort and safety. It is accessible from both sides, and can be supplied with the low or high roof. It is also available with cab suspension.


The 4-pillar panorama cab with its large windows, its high-visibility roof window and a one-piece front windscreen gives you perfect and unrestricted all-round visibility. The LED work light package assures superlative visibility even after night has fallen.


The electronically controlled diesel engines effortlessly take care of all power work even at low engine speeds. The Profi range today covers a nominal power range of 116 to 145 hp. The main working range of the engine, between 1,500 and 1,900 rpm, is able, thanks to PowerPlus, to deliver an extra 34 hp of power at all times.


The S-ControlTM 8 transmission is used in Profi models: an 8-speed powershift transmission with a total of 24 gears both forward and reverse. The transmission has a number of automatic functions that make the tractor more efficient and the driver more relaxed.


The PTO on the Profi series has a choice of three different operating speeds. To make full use of the power of Profi models at front and back simultaneously, for example when operating a combination of front and rear-mounted mowing equipment, a front hitch with front-mounted PTO shaft is available as an option to boost your productivity.


The hitch and the auxiliary control units on our STEYR Profi models are powered by a CCLS hydraulic system (closed oil circuit) at a displacement rate of 113 to 134 l/min. This system assures full performance at the right time and at the right place.


The power of the Profi models can be delivered to the ground and used comfortably with great precision. This is because, as well as active traction management, the tractors also have many other features that optimise the steering and braking characteristics in every situation. With a Profi you can get everything done well and reliably. That is as true of on-road operations as it is of pasture land, fieldwork, and forestry operations, and of work on steep terrain or in confined farmyard environments.

Efficiency throughout the range


The automatic, DGPS-based steering system S-Guide works to ultimate standards of precision. It guarantees parallel lane guidance when working on straight tramlines and curves. With a reproducible accuracy of up to 2.5 cm (RTK+) there is no risk of overlapping or gaps even under tough ground or weather conditions, including when working in the dark or low light. As well as GPS, signals from the GLONASS satellites are also used. To achieve the highest levels of precision, these satellite signals are automatically fine-tuned using correction data from the ground station via mobile wireless network.


With the standard xFill technology available as standard in all RTK+ solutions, signal losses lasting up to 20 minutes can be bridged.


Various variants of S-Tech are available, with different levels of precision. From the simple retrofit solution with the GPS-based EZ pilot up to the integrated and fully-equipped S-Guide with the S-Tech 700 touchscreen monitor that can even be moved between different vehicles on your farm.


This system makes it possible in real-time to call up the operational data from your vehicles via the wireless network. This enables machine fleet managers to stay in touch with their machines and drivers, and send and receive real-time data. This increases productivity and facilitates optimum fleet organisation.