Our engineers have gone to extraordinary lengths to build a tractor that really does have what it takes to deliver stupendous performance. The outcome: The Terrus CVT, the new flagship of STEYR.


There is a choice of three models, equipped with ultra-efficient and reliable ECOTECH engines, rated from 250 hp to 300 hp. With its ideal power-to-weight ratio, the Terrus CVT is predestined for rapid transport duties as well as for heavy-duty field work. This, our most powerful tractor, also has other strengths – in particular exceptional levels of comfort: A spring-mounted front axle combined with a luxurious and remarkably quiet cab make work a relaxed and fatigue-free activity. Also on board: the very latest technologies, such as S-TECH, S-GUIDE, ISOBUS III and Easy-Tronic II, as well as S-Fleet. Gigantic power delivered – the new TERRUS CVT.


The Terrus CVT cab offers a working area you can rely upon fully in all situations: A low noise level of only 69 dB(A), ergonomic seating and steering wheel adjustments, finely adjustable air conditioning and our sophisticated suspension and lighting system ensure maximum comfort.


With its 4-pillar panorama cab with its large windows, its high-visibility roof window and a one-piece front windscreen, you have perfect and unrestricted allround visibility. The LED work light package assures superlative visibility even after night has fallen.


The electronically controlled diesel engines in the Terrus CVT range cover a nominal performance range of 271 to 300 hp. A turbocharger with variable geometry delivers prompt response characteristics and great power even at low engine speeds.


Everything always runs smoothly with the continuously variable transmission design (CVT). An intelligent interplay of hydraulic and mechanical components assures economy, without having to concede any power delivery. The continuously variable ratio enables you to tackle every task effortlessly.


The PTO on the Terrus CVT series transmits engine power to a maximum efficiency level. The rear-mounted PTO with 4 speed settings and the optional front-mounted 2-speed PTO shaft deliver their rated speed of 1000 rpm even at engine speeds as low as 1853 rpm.


Our load sensing hydraulic system is based on an axial piston variable displacement pump with a flow rate of up to 223 l/min. The infinitely variable setting of the flow rates for up to 8 individual consumers reliably ensures that the right amount of fluid is available everywhere at the same time. This guarantees excellent response from the entire working hydraulic system.


Terrus CVT: The modern way of driving a tractor. All models deliver conviction with their reactive steering system and high payloads, which extend up to 5500 kg. They are all fitted with wet dual disk brakes (4 disk brakes on the rear axle). Specifically in heavy-duty transport, these HD brake discs, being more resistant to wear, deliver a longer service life. The perfect interplay of all components ensures a unique new-generation driver experience.

Ultimate precision, more control


The automatic, DGPS-based steering system S-Guide works to ultimate standards of precision. It guarantees parallel lane guidance when working on straight tramlines and curves. With a reproducible accuracy of up to 2.5 cm (RTK+) there is no risk of overlapping or gaps even under tough ground or weather conditions, including when working in the dark or low light. As well as GPS, signals from the GLONASS satellites are also used. To achieve the highest levels of precision, these satellite signals are automatically fine-tuned using correction data from the ground station via mobile wireless network.


There are various equipment variants of the S-Tech with different levels of precision From the simple retrofit solution with the GPS-base EZ pilot up to the integrated and fully-equipped S-Gide with the S-Tech 700 touchscreen monitor that can even be moved between different vehicles on your farm. Just have a word with your STEYR consultant about your requirements. Together with you, your dealer will find an S-TECH solution to suit your wishes perfectly.


With the standard xFill technology available as standard in all RTK+ solutions, signal losses lasting up to 20 minutes can be bridged.


This system makes it possible in real-time to call up the operational data from your vehicles via the wireless network. This enables machine fleet managers to stay in touch with their machines and drivers and send and receive real-time data. This increases productivity and facilitates optimum fleet organisation.